Reviews for "2012 Flash for 2013"

this is good for something
keep it up
this art rocks

Featured ya on the art portal twitter page! :D

Thanks for agreeing to let me use this as our background. :3

This is a great drawing. I was pretty ashamed of myself that I did not know most of these characters from the game! I'm fairly certain you have all the ones form the game. I am of course not able to name them all. One of my favorites is Taco-Man. I think it's adorable how you make him circular shaped for this.

I'm surprised none of the characters from Retarded Animal Babies or Neurotically Yours are here. A Klay person might have worked too. I guess those are just the characters I am more familiar with here. Oh yeah, they were all front paged in 2012. Maybe I should have remembered them.

Hmmmm... i can guess a few of these, but is that the sandworm from Wonders of the Universe in the second row? I can't think of any other sandworms that have been tunneling around NG in the last year x_x

This picture are like a NG Faces 2012.Very Good.