Reviews for "2012 Flash for 2013"

Wow this is awesome! This reminds me that I should spend more time on newgrounds :P. The only faces I know are:
Cubeboy, that getto guy from Luckiest Day or something like that, that worm (forgot the games name), Pico, Shrike (I'm a big Zeurel fan :3), that guy who f*cks ever sexy chick on the universe :P, Hank, Miami/Sydney Shark, Strawberry Clock thing, that mad face, and the guy who is on the left low corner.
Like I said, I should spend some more time on NG.

I see Jerry Right next to Hank

coolness is cool.

love it
nuff said

Dang dude this is awesome.
Very awesome idea putting all these great characters everyone has created for this year.
Hehe, i've never seen another person draw my characters before.. this is so sick! This definitely puts a geeky and warm smile on my face :)
Very nice work Lilg!