Reviews for "HunterKIller77's Rampage"

A good Stick Flash

One of the better stick flashed I've seen. The only suggestion I have is try to stay away from the stick close-ups. It's hard to make them look good and all the eyes were different shapes. Other than that, good job.

hunterkiller77 responds:

yeah i have to improve on making them look smoother, thanx alot for the review tho :)

finally a new stick artist

not bad. I hope to see mmore of this!

hunterkiller77 responds:

and i asure you, you will see more :D

hahaha, 1337!!

I love stick figures! :D

you're one of the few who I'm proud to call a l337 5tIcK|\/|@ster!! along with Fingersticks and Xio Xio (but not AS good ;p) keep up the good work :)

*hands you a bigass shield to protect .swf file*

hunterkiller77 responds:

rofl, good to know that i'm "1337" thanx for the review :)

pretty good

hey i really like the animation on this one , very smoooth ... well done keep up the good work 5/5

hunterkiller77 responds:

lol, thanx for the awesome review but u gave me an overall 0? anyways, thanx


that was awesome but what was that music?

hunterkiller77 responds:

it was Tier by Rammstien, i wanted to put in some motley crue but it wasnt working, thanx for the review