Reviews for "The Bill Cosby Fun Game"

A great game.

Original idea and gameplay just add to it's list of achivements. For one thing, the game's friggin' hilarious. I mean selling Erkel's body to ebay? Pure genius! Make a sequel!



Dude,thank you so much for giving me a new game to get hooked on,bill cosby,kimmy gibler,and carl fucking winslow,and then random fat spanish guy,you can't go wrong here folks,best game EVER.Please make a sequel ASAP.

Kick Ass

One of the best flash games ever, cosby ROCKS!


Amazing game. You definitely need to make more like it.

Tip: When in the cave you can click on the bear that pops up in the background as many times as you want to get pudding.

Theres A code

The girl always hase money (ALLOWANCE) The Fat badly dressed guy has puddings And the fat Well dressed guy is nothing for troucle