Reviews for "The Bill Cosby Fun Game"

A great game.

Original idea and gameplay just add to it's list of achivements. For one thing, the game's friggin' hilarious. I mean selling Erkel's body to ebay? Pure genius! Make a sequel!



this should really go to the front page


I can't begin to describe how cool this game is! It contains violence, a cool concept, and hilarious music/sound clips that seem to flow perfectly with the feel of the game. I love whenever you put another body in the hole and Cosby goes "Merry Christmas" and the cheesey music in the background just tops it all off! =D
Keep it up! This game was both hilarious and fun!

horribly addictive

Cosby's hilarious and so is this game. It so fun to kill that bastard Carl from Family Matters. Thats what he gets for telling Urkle to go home.


fucking lawyers. whats the legal issue if you can say?