Reviews for "The Bill Cosby Fun Game"


in the middle ages, opposing armies would fling large amounts of flaming fecal matter and useless rot at eachother. i figure putting this on the front page is pretty much the same tactic, right? what the heck.

ten ten ten

hahahaha family matters versus bill cosby... guess who one? not that ugly annoying lil white chick offa family matters, thats for damn sure, i killed mr. winslow 15 times... haha


this game is friggin sweeeeeeet! the sounds and music made me laugh but what really made me cackle was the face bill makes in the cave, and just the whole point of luring people in with pudding and whackin them like a mole with your camera! Friggin SWEEEEEEEEET!

hahaha man this game is sweet.

i can dump bodies and etc. this is too awesome. i have no clue if this has an ending to it, but it sure is addictive. when i bought steve urkel on ebay, there was a fat ass white dude... scared the shit out of me. hitting them with the camara and dumping them in the hole where the cave is, are the best parts.

I luv this game!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINALLY BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
What you gotta do is wait for the girl to show up then only hit her. Not the other two. Great game!!! You just made one of the funniest (and most addicting) games on newgrounds!