Reviews for "The Bill Cosby Fun Game"

coolest game ever

Funny, violent, perfect. With a cool premise on top of it. Plus, the use of a sublime song. This game is perfection. Great fucking job man.


I love the look on his face when he offers the Jello Pudding.

"Yuh see now'tha effect of how this Jella puddin' has on me, it goes'a wah wah wah ah!"

That was the best bill cosby fun game EVER!

You should make another one where he gets arrested and has to do that kind of stuff in jail.


but the ending is so confusing, how could a little girl do that? anyway fun game, but there should be different endings for the difficulty settings


Amazing game. You definitely need to make more like it.

Tip: When in the cave you can click on the bear that pops up in the background as many times as you want to get pudding.