Reviews for "The Bill Cosby Fun Game"

What the FUCK!!!

I had the same problem. is this stolen or something?


dude theres a problem plz fix it it wont play it just showes a gay girl on a 4 wheeler sayin cant play ive played this before but that was a couple years ago and somthin bad happined, i clicked sell body in the hole thinckin u sell the dead bodys and somthin bad poped up somthin naghty oh dude plz tell me another website this game is on


FUNNY...and some how a very entertaining game...

Simply amazing.

One of the greatest games I've ever played. The Final Count Down for the theme song is a spectacular touch. Bravo.

Good for a laugh

This is one the weirdest games I've ever played...
To beat the game, you have to have buried at least 26 bodies and have $100 to use the phone and beat the game.
It's fun for a while, but becomes repetitive and you're lilely to give up like I did.
The ending is also very strange. I can't say that it's worth it, but it's funny nonetheless.
Hit the girl as much as you can, as she's more likely to drop a lot of cash.
Don't bother with pudding. you can use an empty pudding can to lure them and (provided you have the correct timing) just hit them with the camera.