Reviews for "Missy: A First Flash"

Not bad at all.

Fairly smooth animation, great fights, music was not the best but it suited the movie.

My only critisism was that there were not many sound effects like swords clashing or voices or punching sound effects.

I know it is much more difficult to animate limbs in fights but it would look alot better.

Over all, great work.


Everyone needs limbs. Lots and lots of limbs. Arms, hands, feet, legs, the works. Oh and sound effects too. Hearing their guts splatter would be awesome. And maybe some background information, is she a criminal or good guy in a bad world?

tought it was funny

kind of funny weird sloppy looking shit random choas it was ok i'm a clown and i rade old ladies

First Flash?

You must be joking. If it were I'd be the best first flash I'd ever seen.

Hey, that was cool

The graphics were good, and the sound went in sync with the movie before it started to loop. Perhaps the only thing that's missing is blood and gore, but that way you can keep the submission "appropriate for everyone". Anyway, great job. I'll be looking forward to your second flash; if this was really the first, I'll bet it'll kick ass ;)