Reviews for "Missy: A First Flash"


Quite good, bit of a cliché, but this being your first flash, it's quite good, just think OUTSIDE the box.


interesting! not bad, need tonnes of work. but not bad for a first flash! keeping working…

pretty good

best first flash ever!!!!!!!!!!!

oh my god...!

hahaha! this movie is so messed up! the combat looks SO sloppy, mainly because the people have no limbs and move too fast! what a funny action movie!

Hey, that was cool

The graphics were good, and the sound went in sync with the movie before it started to loop. Perhaps the only thing that's missing is blood and gore, but that way you can keep the submission "appropriate for everyone". Anyway, great job. I'll be looking forward to your second flash; if this was really the first, I'll bet it'll kick ass ;)