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Reviews for "AYB are still belong to us"

kinda messy

It was alittle bit all over the place, it didn't really have a flow, and often you build up the song up and then don't go anywhere with it, but still, not horrible.


Im guessing you used FL Studio? Those vocals come with it. Anyway, Don't use the speech generator because it sounds cheap and start off with a melody, not a drum beat.

Not bad not bad

Well your song really kicks off near the middle when there is an actual melody. I don't know I just didn't get into it. The voice didn't work, it felt off rythm since saying "ayb are still belong to us" is pretty long...

But I'm not any better, feel free to bash my only song to date (click my username to go to my profile)


OMFG clock vocalist

SpinTolk responds:

Fuck you. The clocks didn't invented that voice.

This is beutiful but is missing something

Its a great song, but if you would just add some song to the beat it would be just perfect and profesional, kind of make it seem like it's more of a trance.

SpinTolk responds:

ok, thanks for the review, and I'll try to put more into that.