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Reviews for "New Grounds"

Stupid with a capital duhhhhhhhhhh duuuhhhhhh

That was a boring pointless flash.

this is the worst flash ever

Why spend time on this crap?Heres some advice if you cant make a good flash dont make one at all.

DaEnglishWeiner responds:

speak for youself. n00b

overall, decent.

it was decent. I liked the final joke. though the animation wasn't all to great, i overall thought it was decent. decent job.

DaEnglishWeiner responds:

thx. its suppose to be cheesy. it was just a little dumb thing to make me laugh.


The dance was funny, but when Mr. Newgrounds Fulp came out the bus, it looked like his legs were detached and flapping around. Anywayz, not too bad^^

DaEnglishWeiner responds:

i didnt spend alot of time on this, becuase im working on a game and this was just a break. but yea, your rgiht about his legs


when Tom came out i was like hmmm .. then the music came and i started 2 crack up .. lol

DaEnglishWeiner responds:

ha, i thought soeone would at least laugh, who would have known it would be a canadian beaver?