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Reviews for "New Grounds"


You know, when I come to Newgrounds, there is a modicum of quality I expect. A certain low that I tolerate. I have seen complete crap. This is much worse. My cat has left better turds than this. And what the hell is with Tom?!? Please do not disgrace Tom like that ever again, it hurts my eyes, and is anti-patriot to the newgrounds nation. That is all.

-Artemis the Disguted

DaEnglishWeiner responds:

like you could do any better, and why would u look at ur cats shit? and how the fuck am i disgracing tom, im doing a little dumb advertisment for ng, jeeze, you fucking moron

That There Good Stuff

That was funny. I especially like the last part where you could make Fulp dance like the 6 flags guy.

*<}:o) H-D

DaEnglishWeiner responds:

kool. you liked it. thanks


oh cmon this is a preaty funky flash. PLus i love that old guy that does the Six Flags commercials. Congrats to a cool flash.

DaEnglishWeiner responds:

thanx, concidering your ony one of a few who think so

Pass me a gun, or some reason im still alive.

Particul A r .
For god sake, I wish retards like you never got your hands on such a program like flash, you just ruin it for everyone.
If you think it sucks, DONT SUBMIT IT. 'Cos, more than likely, everyone else will think it does, too.


That is the worst Flash animation I have ever seen. 1/10