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Reviews for "New Grounds"


Talk about a waste of your time, it would of been better if you just made a movie with it, not a game.


I can see y this didn't get a high score
You did a badly designed spoof of a (now-dead) Six Flags campaign
[which featured a dancing bald guy in every tv ad]

Nice try though
5 and a 1/2 fox paws for u! :3


It is always interesting to see different author's interpatations of what happens to Newgrounds staff members off the lock... it is just something that does not get old. The idea of making an interactive movie with Tom Fulp displaying 4 of his best moves is fun and original. My personal favorite was number 4. The animation was intentionally minimal, right? The character looked pretty shaggy and his movements were pretty stiff. The music loop was nice, but got old after a while. The plot is funny, but it just needs some touch-ups, give Tom something to say or really do, not just dance. Definately a fun idea, keep up the good work.



i love it!

great spoof off that commercial

DaEnglishWeiner responds:

thank you all mighty ketchup


NO..... just No..... horrible little flash, keep trying...

DaEnglishWeiner responds:

i know. i didnt work hard on it, i said that, its just a break from a game im making