Reviews for "Pale Ice"

Very good!

I enjoyed this track, it's very calming and subtle while you can still notice how good it is! I haven't watched the movie yet, but I will do soon! Keep it up! :-)

Winterwind-NS responds:

my song only served as the intro music, but yeah, check it out anyways!


I've probably listened to it about 100 times... playing WoW, letting it just run. It's amazing every time I listen too it.

The sounds in it are just so relaxing and pleasing to the ears, and the bass that comes in about halfway through just makes it pop, demanding your attention.

My only (minor) complaint that it isn't long enough. I would absolutely love to hear this longer.

Good work! :)

love the piano

the piano in this one was great, it sounded like there were two pianos playing, one with the question and one with the answer, very mesmerizing and ear pleasing, excellent work. The beat was good, a nice touch to go with the piano, though didnt overtake it and drown it out, nice work with that. A bit short at only 1:08 long, but still nice to listen to, great work here mate, 5/5 from me, keep it up :)

Near perfection.

I agree entirely with Snyper, too short, but beyond that, damn near perfect, excellence perfecting itself, good job.

holy crap!!!

i was expecting a decent ambient song. not an awesome song that would become my new fav. great job on the song. only problems i have, are its too short. and the bass is MASSIVE. i wasnt ready for it when it started shaking the house XD. overall., great job and i hope to hear more like it. my kind of music.


Winterwind-NS responds:

that's my favorite part, good thing you have a nice subwoofer
thanks for the review