Reviews for "Pale Ice"

Quite Soothing

This song calms me down so easily. It's beautiful yet i agree with the people below me it definitely needs to continue its awesomeness longer. Great job keep it up :)

Winterwind-NS responds:

I'll see what I can do


definitely an amazing song. i love everything about it, but it's length.
if it were longer, i would give it a 10.
but other than that, very calming, and very beautiful.

if you decide to make a longer version, please send me a message.
thank you for your contribution to the portal.

Winterwind-NS responds:

I'll try to remember, if I do resubmit this


I like the simple but still quiet amazing beat! it is a great calming song! Good job

10/10 5/5 Keep up the good work!

Simple yet beautiful!

Very lovely song to listen to for sure. Great for what you planned to use it for. Its a bit short but i suppose that works. None the less all i can say about this is its nice to listen to. I'll add it to my fav's. Great work.


At its best

Very well talented my friend, keep up the great work. Looking to hear more from you.