Reviews for "Pale Ice"

Wow....WANT MORE.....

I really love this but its so short. I think thats a good thing? I don't know. Maybe. But if it was longer that woould be awesome.

Great =)

A great piece of work! Definitely makes me reflect on things and gives a little burst of hope.

I just wish it was alittle longer


Another Awesome Ambient. I love these sort of things but I don't come across them often. Its great, but at the end of it it sort of ends... I know that may sound odd but I think that if you could you could put a little more on the end to make it seem like a loop. so that effectivly it never ends. Great work, keep it up.

Warmed my heart,

how ironic, Pale Ice warms a heart.

This calming music, left on a loop can cure even the most down of moods.
I wish I could find a use for it in one of my upcoming film projecs, if I do, I'll let you know.

But alas, please make more of this type of music, it soothes the soul far better than any anti-depressant.

Winterwind-NS responds:

Thanks for the kind words

I love it that

not everyone here on NG loves pure heavy metal. I think there needs to be lotsa calm music to balance out the heavy, loud music of today.