Reviews for "Pale Ice"

Thank you...

An amzing track, it is now on my iPod under the "Relaxing" playlist, and I used this music on my assignment in Humanities... "A" thanks to you...


I love music like this. True beauty in it, make more man.

Winterwind-NS responds:

working on that full version as we speak

Thanks for making this,

It's really soothing, it helps me generate thoughts easier, and I can think clearer with this playing.


i loved it but you should put some songs from before back on here the clasiics are amazing just check your inbox <(^-^)>

Excellent but short

Really wish you would make an extended version of this. You have this listed as a loop altho it doesnt lopp very well...
so i guess what i'm looking for is either a completed song or a loop that actually loops without that 5 second gap of nothing.