Reviews for "Pale Ice"


Very nice, man. Totally dig.


Is it wrong to describe a song as "delicious"? Because this is. Just one of those songs that gives me good chills, especially when that first bass beat hits. I can't even complain about the length, because something about it makes it feel just right. <3

great music bro

i love this intro, i'd watch the in my arms collab just for it, :) thank you for your music. its inspired all of us.

Winterwind-NS responds:

hahha thanks much

Reminds Me Of...

Mirror's Edge. I loved that music, it was so relaxing and at the same time... makes you feel as if you have endless freedom and can fly over a clean city sky line. Anyway... great song man! Keep up the great work!

Nice sound !

Simple and nice !
Ideal for the "In My Arms" Collab

Really good song
Cheers !