Reviews for "Pale Ice"


Simply..one of the best songs ever!

Winterwind-NS responds:

Hah far from it
but thank you

This song....

Its almost made me cry :,[ very nice...

Winterwind-NS responds:


Ngawang dude!

I didnt realize this was your song I shoulda realized that haha

gj though...shoulda been longer imo. but still. btw, can ya 5 my new song? it got bombed...more like nuked...thx ^_^v

Winterwind-NS responds:

OK people, from this point on can you please not mention the length of this song, I already said I might make a longer version of this so please, enough of that. One more complaint and I'm going to go Sweeney Todd on all you guys

"Beautiful, just simply beautiful!"

Ambient is my favorite genre in music making. Its also more relaxing to make. The beginning almost sound like maplestory (for some reason, i tought so. lol). Anyway nice and relaxing peace of music.. to bad it was a little to short for my taste. But its still get a 10/10!

Keep on making music.


great song a definite downlaod

this song is awesome. a little short though. but other than that it is perfect