Reviews for "Pale Ice"

Nice flow to it,

sounds like it belongs as the menu music in Mirror's Edge

now either lengthen it and keep the ambient feel or create a breakdown and kick into something heavier, maybe ask another artist to give you some techno or guitar samples for inspiration

Winterwind-NS responds:

I'm assuming Mirror's Edge is a game?
and listening to other people's musical work isn't my idea of inspiration, but thanks for the suggestion.


I made this account when I heard the song, and unfortunatly, 10/10 and 5/5 just doesn't cover it.

Don't stop pumping out this insane music. By far the best song the web.

Winterwind-NS responds:

thanks dude

Only 20 seconds into I was all....

I LOVE IT! Very good with the metronome affects and the nice droplet sounds placed juuuust right. I wish it was just a little longer. It relaxed me so much I almost wanted to go beserk when it stopped.

Winterwind-NS responds:

mmm sorry about that
I might make it longer since 90% of the reviews here mention the track's brevity.
I can't promise that it will sound better

Soothing...calm...that kind of feeling.

Haha, the length doesn't matter--if you make a longer version, the sound will still sound lovely.
At first I wasn't sure about the kicks, but it keeps the ambient sounds from wandering too far by giving it some time and direction.
And I really, really like the serene mood I feel from this. A calm, beautiful, sound...focused, yet delirious and mesmerizing feel to it.
You know, I've listened to several of your pieces and I really like your style. I just had to blurt that, haha :P
And for the collab, I shall watch.

Winterwind-NS responds:

yeah getting the right sound for the kicks in this track took way longer than it should've. Well I'm glad you like what you've heard so far!
thanks for the review

Very good :D

Very beautiful indeed =]

Has a very peaceful, serene feeling =']

Lol, 5/5

Winterwind-NS responds:

thank youuu