Reviews for "X-Men: Death Becomes Them"


This was the best! You must make more!


MAN that was funny as hell! do more stuff like this plz! although i kinda didnt know who the guy with the bird/dinosaur on his /her shoulder was

Wogoat responds:

That was Kitty Pryde (she's had the nicknames Shadowcat, Ariel and Sprite) and her pet dragon-alien-thing Lockheed.


i liked this a lot. this was great and very well done. I hope you can make a series of this or something.keep making more. loved the accents each of them had. hey everyone get ready X-men 3 is coming out in MAy ..ohh yeah..


I think it's great that the more you know about the X-Men, the funnier this is.

Classic....And SO Damn Funny

Great job!!!!! That flash is great, keep it up.