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Reviews for "X-Men: Death Becomes Them"

Scrumdidi... however the fuck you spell it

It was great, the animation, the references to all sorts of different... well everything, it was a good movie, i loved it, wanna see more


that was awesome. just a few days ago me and 2 of my friends were trying to figure out how many times all the x-men characters died. and just recently collossus came back from the dead too. that was really great, keep em coming



dammit guys!!!

i hate people who do reviews like they trying to be all professional and say well the animation was just right and the voice with superb microtonic combustion then give the flash artist a 9 or 8 cuz this a decent score. this guy desevers a 10 no BS!!!!!!!!!!!! and also those people who give this a 8 or - because this wasnt as good as phoenix rising ...you guys are idiots.... he made this first so its getting better and better so give him a 10 everyone!!!!!!

Loved it

This was a great X-Men parody,the character designs were fantastic and the concept of it with Magneto dying and all the confusion behind it,the voice acting was great i especially got a kick out of Wolverine's irish accent,overall i enjoyed this very confusing X-Men flash. =)