Reviews for "X-Men: Death Becomes Them"


there are very few submissions that i can watch over and over again, but this is fricken hillarious!

good 2 c a few jokes that only xman fans will know

finishing with the pheonix was good, was she gene or did she bring gene back to life during the series, i can neva remember

if you've been keeping up, it's bloody brilliant

Ex-freaking-actly about Magneto. W.T.F. Has Claremont finally gone senial?!? After Morrison's run I knew, I friggin KNEW they'd bring him back. God forbid we create any NEW villians, eh? <-- look I'm Wolvie. Anyway, this movie made me laugh, nod my head, laugh again and burst into tears because I'm counting the damn days until somebody brings Jean back. Seriously though, WTF is wrong with Claremont?!?!


That was sheer genius I'm still hurting from all the laugher.....So says the Phoenix! hahaha still gets me every time.

Loved it

this is funny, lots and lots of death that is said.Keep it up can't wait until the third one since i already seen the second.I just reviewd late but anyway,excellent work.