Reviews for "X-Men: Death Becomes Them"


OMG! This HAS to get an award of some sort! Awesome Job!

Awesome- true fan art.

An awesome interpretation of the fallacies of the Marvel X-men universe. I stopped reading around the time Scott and Jean died for the third time each. I picked up the series around the second pheonix saga and it wasn't long after the Executioner's song that I put it down. I call this true fan art because you've quintessentially created the perfect parody of the characters. Any fool can make kitty pride look like a ditz, but to have Beast in a smoking jacket and Wolverin'es canadian accent being over done- awesome. This truly tickled me in ways in which michael Jackson would surely have been arrested for.
to critique the film, I found the style to be very original for a parody. something to contrast the number of Southpark style films submitted to the portal. furthermore the action and gestures were very well done- the animation was smooth and the timing just right with your actors.
Dialogue was a special treat. Instead of by playing catch phrases and mmocking the caricatures, it complimented the overall melancholy of the comic series. Wolverin'es, "Oh, I've lost count" was so blase! You could of hammed it up as a cheap gay joke- instead you palmed it off as a calm assurance. Very well written indeed. 5 outta 5.

How many times has Wolverine died?

We may never know the truth...

Nice work!

It's about time we saw some X-men parodies on New Grounds! Keep it up!

loved it

this is the shizzle, keep going love your work wth the x men, still abit unsure of the canadian accent of wolverine. keep doin what your doing, its good dont let anyone te you otherwise