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Reviews for "X-Men: Death Becomes Them"

Your funniest one ever!

I love this cartoon and I am glad you got so much recognition at least on the Internet for it. I was actually not that familiar with X-Men when I first watched this cartoon. I tried to apply the jokes for something I was more familiar with, like "Dragonball Z". I always noticed that Magneto's helmet in this makes him look like a small Onslaught. I especially love Wolverine's voice, as he sounds like an Irish police officer. I found it strange to believe this all happened in the comics at first, but it of course did as I did more research.

Seriously though...

Everybody in Marvel who has died probably has (or will) come back. I'm just waiting for Nightcrawler....
PS: really funny. All your stuff is!

Classic. Extreemly classic

"After being possessed by Apocalypse--" "No that was me."

Genius writing. Absolutely Genius!

oh and you killed jean ow

HAHAHAHAHAH this is the best i fell out chair laughing