Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"


that was funny :)

TheArtisan responds:

thank you very much for the review, means a lot :D


i saw something like this before, did this like get blammed or something? oh well that was coll man

TheArtisan responds:

well, this is a tribute to dl-misteroo, ur probably thinking about the great 8-BitchFyve(Best flash ever), not this one, thank you for the reivew!

ur cool

you got a good sense of humor and a good animation skill. I likw what u sai dto all those losers that can only make stick figures and give bad reviews.

TheArtisan responds:

thank you very much, thx for the review

And Retort

October, ending your post with "let the flaming begin" doesn't cover your butt. It's a forum technique that you should realize never works.
I for one think this, like most 8BF work, is critic in nature, and shouldn't be taken for face "sound and color". There's more to it than that.

Freakin' awesome for your first movie!

OK, I read the reviews and let me tell you. Those people who think you stole these graphics? They're retarded. God damn, I wasn't expecting art like this when I first saw this movie. You look like you can become an amazing Flash artist! And let me tell you, 8-Bitch Fyve is one of my favorite movies, as well.