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Reviews for "DXM - Stop Making Sense"

Stop Making Sense #100

Yes, so far this sounds great. I really can't wait to listen to the full/complete version.
Stunning job on the percussion/drums, and you've left plenty of space for more instruments/melodies (if you decide to add more)
Very inspiring track!

tijnn responds:

Hehe thanks for the kind review, and yeah, i can add a lot more to it, although i don't knów if i should.

The thing i like the most about this song that it's so clean and soft, so empty in a subtle way but still sounds rather complete.

Working on other projects now, but as soon as i have the time i'll finish this one.

Great :)))

Wow i can really hear your work in this one man, really great ambient :) Theres nothing much to say about it im afraid, its perfect for me... all the silent little background melodies and details, i love em ;)


Great work ;)

Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-

tijnn responds:

Hehe thanks alot for a kind review once again, and im glad you like it the way it is!



Awesome Riff dude kinda sounds like something i was playing on my guitar the other day. Awesome dude the begining was pretty cool. this is like a puzzle game music if you think about it!

Cheers mate!

tijnn responds:

Hehehe thanks for the kind review Fire118 ;D

I think it would go well in a puzzle game yeah.
The beat does have something of a clock or something in it
now you mentioned, lol

Awesome mate.

I just got your pm right when I was reviewing one of YouriX's songs. This song is awesome. Ambience is great, and the leads are pretty cool. Though, they were a bit too strong on their initial hits, so I think a bit of volume control is needed. Awesome mix there man. Build ups are pretty sweet, especially the one used at the intro. Pretty cool and chill song to chillax and rock to.

It's like so electronic that I can really wire into the song. lol. Eh, no pun intended :) lol. Very awesome track my friend. You have done absolutely wonderfully with this song. Great job.


tijnn responds:

Hehehe, Thanks alot for the kind review man, and yeah i totally understand what you mean, just getting sucked up by the song is something i always try to create when dealing with ambient... i am glad you experienced it that way!


Loved it =D

tijnn responds:

Hehe thanks!