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Reviews for "DXM - Stop Making Sense"

nice man

thats trippy as balls per se....lol

i recommend you invest in some new programs, like reason or logic or something...

i can c you have a talent for making ambient music, and fruity loops will eventually hold you back...

dont get me wrong you can make great music with FL, but with Reason for example, making trippy music is easy as pie.... so long as you have a keyboard of course....

but nah good job, ima gonna go smk then listen and c what i think...

tijnn responds:

I knów what reason can do, and i'll tell you, the difference between reason and FL with good VST's is minimal. Secondly, Reason has a lot of things that are just already done for you. It's a little too pre-setted for me.

But that's my opinion, opinions about programs seem to differ a lot anyways.

Thanks for the review though!



Maybe I'll make you laugh, but this makes me remember when I used to play Kirby for GBA! it fits perfect with the category of Ambient and with the amazing mirror game! :)

excellent! and time is gold, and if you spend gold in a song, it'll be better :)

10/10 5/5!

tijnn responds:

I hope you mean investing time in a song, hehe, anyways gotcha on that one, and i do totally agree. But sometimes there just isn't anything to add anymore.

But it's pretty cool that it reminds you of Kirby,
i could defo see the link in the first bit of the song.

Thanks for the loving review man!


10/10 5/5

Some parts reminds me of something from the game ''Maple story'' 10/10 5/5

Very original piece, at least for me since I've never heard anything like this. Good job.

tijnn responds:

Hehe i have héard of maple story, i know what it is, but i have never heard the music of the game. I hope it's nice, hehe.

Thanks for the kind review!


Gratz with top 5 dude!

its me from msn))) well.. this song is very deep and uniqe.
never heard anything liket his on newgrounds.

very good job, sounds like jean michel jarre =D

5/5 - already voted today = b

tijnn responds:

Hehe thanks alot, i have not heard from him before, i'll check it out.

Thanks for the vote and review!

nice work

i love the boppy-ness of this song, it reminds me of a 60s funk sorta song, nice work with that, and the synths were good as well, sounded very cool and earpleasing. The melody was good and catchy, ill probably have it stuck in my head the rest of the day, lol. The dynamics were good, not to loud, but not so soft you couldnt hear them, and the tempo was very steady and stable, which was good. Excellent job here man, 5/5 from me, pm me when you put something new out!

tijnn responds:

hehehe i totally agree with you, i constantly had this freaking melody in my head all day when i was making the song, it was really fun, enjoyed making it a lót! (:

thanks for the review!