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Reviews for "DXM - Stop Making Sense"


this is trippy, this is good for a DXM trip[

tijnn responds:

Just don't eh... die on me ey. kek


Fuckin' A.

Damn, man, this is tight. Really upbeat, funky shit. I dig it solidly.

tijnn responds:

Thanks for reviewing, Gunsmoker!


Really Awesome

Dang.. its so perfect... this one srsly reserves to be in the front page.
5/5 10/10 Fav'd
Ima download

tijnn responds:

Thanks man. ;)



Intro totally reminds me of Kraftwerk's modern stuff mixed with some chilled out Infusion track. Very cool and very sassy.

I don't mind the beat that comes in around 2 minutes but there's a lot panned low frequency reverb which is uncomfortable to listen to, If you're using a fruity reverb (or any other reverb) I'd suggest setting the low cut value to about 400Hz and then rolling off <80Hz on the channel's main 3 band EQ. If you have any effects that convert the signal from stereo to mono put them in and then maybe use a send with a panned effect to widen the stereo image.

I don't like the 4x4 kick and I think the backbeat snare is too strong. I think if you had that kick sound with more decay on an offbeat rhythm it'd be quite interesting and more ambient sounding.

As a side note, I think it's cool that you're really going in depth with FL. A lot of people who use it never really bother with all the more advanced and ultimately more powerful features. Great to see someone squeezing the most juice from the fruit ;)

tijnn responds:

Hehe well i'll tell you, i'm no star in mastering at all, i have only been doing this for...

Well probably since 7 months ago.
And to be completely honest with you, I was astonished to see a submission í made on the frontpage, since, well, someone like you can already tell the difference from a pro-quality produced song.

Anyways thanks for the useful tip! i'll try and see what i can do with it for sure.


good, but can be improved

Sorry man, it's an ok song, but I just don't know how this made front page in ambient.

I'll be completely honest here, although the middle and ending are very good I find the first minute to be choppy and almost annoying. I also think the beat is a little too heavy and grounded for an ambient song. I think it should have more of a wandering sound.

Sorry if I've ended the 5/5 streak, but bland praise never helped anyone better themselves or their work.

If you want some good comparisons in the ambient genre, I highly recommend you check out the song Coma Dream by TheOrichalcon here on newgrounds. If there is a perfect way to do ambient, he invented it.

Hope to hear some more of your stuff, keep at it!

tijnn responds:

Thinking outside of the box gets us further than copying others, in my experience. I have mixed IDM with Ambient on purpose, and the original song is longer, which explains the long build-up. I totally understand and agree with what you are saying... Although, if you look at it from my view, this is just how i want the song to be.