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Reviews for "DXM - Stop Making Sense"


The extra time you put on this song REALLY shows! This song is incredibly vibrant and catchy! The only things that drag it down a little for me are the ends of the song. They seemed to contradict the rest of the melody, but the rest of it blew me away!

Rating: Excellent! Download and Favorite worthy!


nice beat.

if you don't mind me asking how does everyone make these?? its not with flash is it??
i'm listing to this now and its a really really good beat and nice :-) i wanna make something music now lol.

tijnn responds:

Hehe it is certainly nót with flash, I myself use Fruity Loops and a lót of plugins, software synthesizers and drum packs to make these songs, think off a total package of around 4 GB.

But there's choice between...
-Hardware Recording ( isn't done a lot in electronica )
-Fruity Loops
-Pro Tools

And well... a lót more. ;)



i understand what all this mean for you...and you deserve it all! never give up and alwais belive in yourself...thats what keep people alive you know...keep it on with your blessed gift!

tijnn responds:

Haha i wouldn't call it a divine gift, but thanks anyways! xD



I was steaming mad when I got onto newgrounds and your song calmed me down instantly, truley a work of art.

tijnn responds:

Thanks alot for the kind words. (:



Other than above, the name isn't fitting IMO.

tijnn responds:

Hehe i wasn't really inspired when i chose the name.

My song names do not make sense though...
Although it's funny you say it doesn't fit, since there is nó guideline in the song to a certain topic, or whatsoever. Since there are no lyrics.

Thanks for the review though!