Reviews for "-:YRX:-MachinRAa Black St"


its cool

YouriX responds:

Well i am glad you liked it :)

U are very skilled

5/5 good work

It does sound like a fairly epic boss battle.

I look forward to listening to more of ur art soon

YouriX responds:

Hey thanks! I will make sure to update you :)

Another one...

Yup another great song...
keep it up

YouriX responds:

Thank you! nice of you for saying that! means a lot!
thanks for the comment!

Move Bitch!

That's what I hear in the background. Similar back beat. Or chord progression. And it hypes me up I like it. Excellent song start to finish it held my interest. It even loops pretty well.
Job well done sir.

YouriX responds:

Thank you very much sir! i find it funny how my old songs still keep people interested :)

This song is awsome.

YouriX responds:

No dude... Your awesome ;)