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Reviews for "Metal Freaks Xtreme"

Agree with fella before

How this is not on the front page yet that sh!tty Oklahoma thing is, is frankly beyond me!

Well done mate. Nice game, and I enjoyed it even though I sucked!


Really Good

Wow this is really nice
you should make more of em
even tho its hard really fun
you should make more
nice yeah really cool
great job...


This is one of the best Beatmania/DDR style games on NG! The only problem is, us DDR players got stuck with the shitty techno remix of "Absolute" Oh well. lol

Wow... Epic

This Is An Amazing Game, It's Perfect In Every Way, It's Entertaining, It's Challenging, And Very Addictive All At Once, You Are An Amazing Artist, Thank You For This

This Is An Amazing Game

WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!! This Game Is So Awesome is It In arcades in Japan?
Anyways it's amazing And Thank You!