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Reviews for "Metal Freaks Xtreme"

really cool

that was really cool! i liked how it looked. great job!


I've been looking for a game like this forever. Beatmania is great but when you don't feel like forking over some cashe this is fun to play. The music was good, but the timing seemed to be a little off.

messed up controls

the controls are too messed up! but good music


its hard at first but you get used to it, overall it very cool

Great game but a big thing is missing

Cool to improve my fingers for my guitar but if it's for rhythm and for drummers i think it could be better if you put the buttons on an electronic drum so the player could try to play the drums of the songs with two hands...like a crash cymbal, a ride, a hi-hat,two kick drums, two toms,a floor tom and a snare button so the player could improve his rhythm and drumming technique...