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Reviews for "Metal Freaks Xtreme"

Really good, but some noticable flaws

It would be nice if the columns were different colors, when there are a lot of notes coming at once the grays start to blend together and get confusing. Also the system of failing a song seems flawed. You could hit the first 99% of the notes in a song perfectly but if you miss the last 6 notes you would still fail... that doesn't seem right. Likewise you could skip the first half of a song but if you do well on the second half you can still pass. Also many of the chords are misaligned. And its annoying for experienced rhythm gamers to have to play through a few easy songs to unlock the higher difficulties. Other than that this game has a good song selection and great gameplay.


This game is awesome. keep up the good work.


Awesome game very addicting but way too hard


and addicting as hell. im a huge fan of the whole series.


this is a great game but the fingering settings could use some work!
try making a version with a different fingering setting!
but overall this game rocks