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Reviews for "Metal Freaks Xtreme"

This reminds a lot of the arcade!

This game rules! I love the interactivity of the keyboard in this game! I remember in the arcade... a game that is harder because it is faster and more buttons! Instead of space bar, u have to spin a disc. Any way, this game rules!

IIDX Players Cry

As much as I love the game, and as much as I respect people who make music games (it's freaking hard), you make this IIDX player cry. Why? There's no freaking option for Hi-Speed. I'm sorry if it exists and I couldn't find it, but it's no fun playing anything harder than a 6 without being able to read the scrunched together notes. Hopefully, the sequel addresses this one issue (aside from keysounds, but I don't expect that to happen anytime soon).

Wow... this game rocks... hard!

I have to say... this game helps hand-eye coordination and I think that it has helped my bass playing! ROCK ON!!!!


This is one of the best Beatmania/DDR style games on NG! The only problem is, us DDR players got stuck with the shitty techno remix of "Absolute" Oh well. lol

good game

one of the best rythms ive played make more and with other types of music

Strykor responds: