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Reviews for "Metal Freaks Xtreme"


It was ok, but which buttons you were supposed to press wasn't based on anything.


ive never been good at rythm games..
step mania, DDR, Guitar hero, frets on fire
so this game, not surprisingly, makes me mad
(in a good way)
its fun, but i suck


this is awsome game! yea it's bit hard but still. its awsome. I haven't found a game in this sort of catergory, in any website, that can compare with this. its is in a class of its own.

Keep up the good work


dam man its too hard... you should color code it so one button is green one is red one purple etc. otherwise its so dang hard... and the stuipid things go to fast... of course im not a button pusher and i dont like black that much.. i like pink more... but music was a-ok... otherwise you get a big. fat. 4!

What a trip

I love the game.
I'm totally into games like FFR and Stepmania, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Freaks. All that stuff.
This was totally cool but it got to be a bummer when I found out my computer doens't register 4 button presses at the same time, so when I was playing some of those songs on hard it didn't work out too well.
What was the biggest trip is when I closed the window, my screen looked like it was flowing upward towards the top of my screen.
Like... total acid trip? Minus the Acid.