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Reviews for "They Come From Above! (Tetris)"

excellent (Mr. Burns voice)

First song I've hear from you and I must say this makes me want to listen to more of your music. It's tetris so its a bit repetetive but you change sounds between each verse and your guitar solo that was playing to a tetris tune really threw me for a loop...excellent addition to an excellent song. The unfortunate part is it is not my favorite Tetris remix, the one on Super Smash Brawl is far superior, no offense.

Mataro responds:

Ah, yes. But you see, I am not a professional composer being paid thousands of dollars. :P

But thanks a ton for the great review. I'm glad to hear my venture into a solo was worth it. Naturally, it was all done in about half a day, so I must say, I'm pretty happy with the result. Alas, I've not submitted music in quite a while, so most all my other songs are much older and not nearly as polished. (Or good, for that matter. :X)

I appreciate the review a bunch, though, Brawllord. I'll make sure to get some new songs up so you've got something better to listen to than all my old stuff. :D

This song completes me o_o

Wow, you are flippin amazing! Everything in the song was executed perfectly! I gotta say, everyone remixes this song, but your version stands out in a really good way. Well... I have no tips to give you to make your song better, cause its already perfect. I'd rather get some tips from you! Anyway, awesome song, make more! By the way, I liked the piano.

Mataro responds:

Rofl. Well now. I don't think I would agree with you about being flippin' amazing. But I'm sure I have my occasional moments of genius. :X

And yeah. Everyone does remix this song. In fact, really, the whole reason I did it was to show that not every remix had to be a four on the floor kick techno translation. I think too many people set out to remix something because it's cool, they like it, but they really don't have any idea of what direction they want to take it which is a shame. If it weren't like that, we'd have all sorts of neat remixes. :D

I'm glad you like it so much, though. I'd be happy to help out whenever I can. Just drop me a PM, and we'll talk about it some more. Hell, if you've got FL, I would be happy to give you the project files for this so you could take a look at it. :D

Take care, amigo'. Thanks for the review. :3

They Came From Above!

This is pretty awesome! I agree with the guy below me, I liked the piano part too. I've listen to other remixes, and this probably one of my favorites! 5/5 and 10/10 man! I'd love to hear more stuff!

Mataro responds:

Yeah, I'll try and have something new posted soon. Glad to hear you liked it, and thanks a ton for the review. :D

I'm filled with awe.

This makes me want to play Tetris all over and over and over and over and over and over and over. You simply gave Tetris a whole new meaning with this remix. Nintendo really should've placed this song in their Tetris Party game instead what they have in now! That would make the game even more awesome than it is! You are one sick dude. Awesome job.

Mataro responds:

Rofl. I'm not sure it turned out quite that good, but I appreciate the kind words. Happy to hear you liked it, and thanks for listening PreStalnic. :D

Amazing job!

I can tell yours is way better without even needing to hear the other guy's version. It's just that good.

Mataro responds:

Hah, awesome. Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it. :D