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Reviews for "They Come From Above! (Tetris)"

Nice One

Really liked your remix! It's more lightened up and diversified than other versions of this song, but it still keeps it's style along the line!

Mataro responds:

'Aye, that was the intent. Glad to hear it turned out as I intended it. Thanks for the review, Hasserodian. :D


Tetris like ive never heard before! Great song!

Mataro responds:

Thanks for the kind words, bro. Appreciate it. :3

Amazing job!

I can tell yours is way better without even needing to hear the other guy's version. It's just that good.

Mataro responds:

Hah, awesome. Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it. :D

I like it :)

This was very well done :) i would say you did MUCH better than that other guy and i haven't even heard his. From start to finish its just so good :) well done :)

Mataro responds:

Thanks Dodenz. Happy to hear you liked it. And thanks for the review. :D

I'm filled with awe.

This makes me want to play Tetris all over and over and over and over and over and over and over. You simply gave Tetris a whole new meaning with this remix. Nintendo really should've placed this song in their Tetris Party game instead what they have in now! That would make the game even more awesome than it is! You are one sick dude. Awesome job.

Mataro responds:

Rofl. I'm not sure it turned out quite that good, but I appreciate the kind words. Happy to hear you liked it, and thanks for listening PreStalnic. :D