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Reviews for "They Come From Above! (Tetris)"

already the best song EVER!

... from a video game, that is, and you just made it cooler! actually better than the old tetris remix i had on my ipod. i liked how at aroud 12:10 you had a lot of guitar going on in a short while!

Mataro responds:

Rofl. Thanks bro'. I'm guessing you meant "2:10"? Either way, I appreciate the kind words. :D


love how you didnt remix it directly and gave it different melodys

Mataro responds:

Yeah, I couldn't resist taking a hack at a guitar solo, especially since I'd never tried one before. Glad to hear it worked out :P


You took a simple song and made it awesome.

Mataro responds:

Glad to hear you liked it. :3

Now where have I heard this before...

This is awesome, man. Keep it up. Seriously, this is good. Really good. I like how the guitar blends with the synth.

Mataro responds:

Yeah, the tetris songs really have been remixed to death, but I couldn't resist giving it a shot. It's kind of like a rite of path for modern composers I think. :P

Glad to hear you liked it though, thanks for the kind words. :D

Great work!

This was awesome indeed. Gotta say, I love the entire feeling of the remix! Great work!

Mataro responds:

Glad to hear it. Atmosphere is everything, after all. :3