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Reviews for "They Come From Above! (Tetris)"

Great work!

I'm surprised, not only because you made something as interesting as this in half a day, but also because you managed to make a remix of a video game song manage to be original and appealing!

Having worked on music production a bit before, I have to say that your drum tracks are clean and crisp, and your levels are great, avoiding the problem some people have with cranking their guitars or drums too high.

All in all, a great submission and one of my favourite Tetris remixes! Amazing work.


Respect yo! Blam!! This is NOT a piece of crap!!

Mataro responds:

Thanks bro'. Appreciate it. :D

Awesome :O

Epicly awesome remix!
Can I use it in a video?
I was thinking of making a Spelunky gameplay video, but with this song playing, it would be 10 times better...

Mataro responds:

Go for it, dude. Just toss me a link when you're done and don't forget to give credit! :D

Glad you liked it though, and thanks for the review. :P

You've done a really great job man!

The only thing i could think of that would take this song further is making it even darker... Give it a little more metal feel, but else i love the composition :-)

Mataro responds:

That sounds like a good idea actually. I may just revisit it one day.. If I do, I'll try and remember to let you know. :P

Thanks for the review. :D


Man i love this! So fun to listen to.

Mataro responds:

Happy to hear it, man. :D