Reviews for "The Fall of Sigma Ep. 1"

I think you need to edit this one

The flash window was totally the wrong size for your movie.
The top and bottom of it extended way past the film and the sides cut off some of your work, I think. The sounds were okay, and the sprites were good.. along with some decent animation.. Though the beginning was really boring and didn't make any sense. The cropping really ruined it for me. I think it could be much better if you fixed that, and also, make the text in the blue boxes much bigger.. I can't read it.

What is this...

What did you do to the size? The hight is retardedly high and its not wide enough. All you did was copy and paste some images and sprites and make a few text boxes. Bah, more effort required.

slow and boring

ok the writeing goes of the side of the screen just to tell u in some parts the writeing is a bit to small just a bit and it was very slow i didn't finish the whole thing

Not that great.

Some parts I didn't mind. But it seems like you didn't put too much effort into it. The Cast part at the end just seemed stupid. And Sigma shoulda been cut out better. Also during the cast partif you're gonna use a sprite for Magma Dragoon, you should use the same type for Sigma, Megaman and Zero - Yes I know that Magma Dragoon doesn't have that kind of sprite. And during the story intro, towards the end of it, the sentences moved to the left.

Not bad

This isn't exactly the most original thing on Newgrounds but what's here has potential; the actiony parts you've promised in the next two episodes could turn out pretty good. You've done an okay job with the sprites and music, but there's a somewhat annoying problem in the intro; the text doesn't always fit onto the screen, causing the leftmost character of each line of text to be cut off,

inda like this.
retty annoying, huh?

Other than that, there weren't any technical problems. Good luck with the next parts; if you can't draw with a mouse, maybe for your next project you could try customizing some sprites or something. The more effort and creativity you put into a flash, the less crap us jerks will give you.