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Reviews for "Kingdom Wars 3"


I loved it man. You've a very good artist and writer. keep it all up. Perfect music

that was so long!

and pretty good aswell, i thought. the concept is really good, and im enjoying the plot unfold. there were a heap of different scenes, with heaps of sprite animation, too. i also think you cut down on the dialogue - which was good - except for a bit in the last scene, that got a little tedious. but overall, very nice work.

A good sprite movie

This is one of the few sprite movies thats over average, but the only problem is the story. That story has been used to many times before, just that this one involved some new elements. The graphics only got a five, thats because it's a sprite movie. Sound got a good solid nine, the soundtrack from "The Rock" is one of the best there is. Style got a seven, very good use of sprites. And violence got a 4, it had some violent moments, but... it's a sprite movie :P


yes it was pritty good....

i like it it was good but long and maby they sahould have add sound when they were talking.

Not without merit, but lacking in areas

Having watched the first two, I feel that there really hasn't been much improvement. To be honest, the story is quite hack. I think we've seen hundreds of small variations on the same story here, and this one is not different. It would be helpful to have the characters dialogue appear differently, as now it's difficult to differentiate who is speaking. That being said, your animation is quality, and the music/choreography is top-notch. Kudos. If you really want to make this series finish with a bang, throw in a good twist to make the series stand out. Good luck.

Pros: music and animation blend brilliantly, animation is solid

Cons: difficult to tell which character is speaking, story is hack

Suggestions: try using a different color for each character's dialogue, think up a way to make your story unique, and (my personal favorite) check your spelling and grammar

hrechkaness responds:

i don't know if im the firs to tell u this but everything has been done before, all ideas are taken from somewhere and there is never anything new just how its presented. But inspite that most of my ideas weren't taken from ne other movie i just wanted to make another tragic war movie using sprites. Just a thought, ive never seen neone in flash history use the poison mushroom so i guess im claiming thats an original idea. As far as my progress has been coming with flash well i guess i can't prove much to u these being 8-bit sprite flashes but ive put more work into it then u may believe, im glad uve noticed my soundtrack cause they were difficult to pick out and thats probably what took this movie so long to come out. As far as spelling and grammar go, meh people make mistakes and i may fix it later. So i thank you for the "constructive" critism and telling me something i can use