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Reviews for "Kingdom Wars 3"


I don't usually care much for sprite movies but your use of music was excellent and really helped it.


Great stuff! KICK ASS! Make the next one quick!

An Epic Kick-Ass adventure...in 8-BIT!

I don't know how the creator managed to pull this off but nice job. I've never seen somebody take a classic 8-bit NES game and create such an epic story. The first two were great but this third installment wce icing on the cake!
-A Bunch of Dialogue
-Pretty lengthy for a flash animation
-Pretty cool looking with all the action
I can't wait until the next installment. Good Job! 9/10


You should put Yoshi in here.... or sumthin like that...
And sum1 important should die.... it makes a better story... lol... not that i am tryin to tell you what to do.


this is the 3rd.. "Random Portal Flash" i have watched and reviewed.

good work with these.. i think these flashes should get an award of some sort at least. i like how u mixed characters.. the only flaw was that the sprites were bad at times