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Reviews for "Kingdom Wars 3"

This insanity is... ugggh

Why is it hrechkaness, that all authors of your type(crappy) make my toes twitch?!?! Yes, it is true! Even though the ratings seem high, your mind, and soul are deceiving you! The world is a daunting place!
I didnt notice any skill in this movie, let alone watch it, for i have the ability to judge a film at the mere sight of the name! FEAR ME!!!
Have you learned anything from this review hrechkaness? I hope so, because i am a very unstable plantlet, and i might start to feel that you offended me willfully from doubting the wisdom of my review. My mind is like a room, that traps a soul, a soul wanting happyness, and pleasure, but it is in this room... AND THERE IS NO EXIT! Now you have to admit.

Dude, I like

Keep up the good work. this series is great. I love how you made it more serious than other mario works

Seinfeld rulZ!!!!!!

These pretzles are making me thirsty!
I am KIng of the County, and Lord of the Manor
You are soooooo good lookin

wow i love your work

this episode was really good it made me want to watch the prequals, Don't listen to that fag Guilty_Gear, he is just some loser who can't even defend himself or that freak show david firth. They don't know good quality videos when they see it. can't wait for you next one keep em coming!!!!


Perfect i love this!