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Reviews for "Kingdom Wars 3"

Seinfeld rulZ!!!!!!

These pretzles are making me thirsty!
I am KIng of the County, and Lord of the Manor
You are soooooo good lookin

Nice one dude :D

for starters fuck you Sludgebot! he spelld ONE word wrong!
how gives a fuck about that you small mindet hore!
Good work Hrechkaness. nice ending and it was good dialog in this one.

hrechkaness responds:

yeah that sludgebot is probably the same guy as before but w/e. Anways expect better for the 4th and final instalment of Kindom Wars. It will pretty much be straight action but not sure when it will be finished glad your enjoying the series so far

wow i love your work

this episode was really good it made me want to watch the prequals, Don't listen to that fag Guilty_Gear, he is just some loser who can't even defend himself or that freak show david firth. They don't know good quality videos when they see it. can't wait for you next one keep em coming!!!!


Perfect i love this!


Haha, I can't wait for #4! Very good work on both animation and story! I shall await your next one with baited breath! This story is inspiring me to get serious about writing my own...