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Reviews for "Kingdom Wars 3"


This movies was pretty well made as far as sprites go, although i think the squeaking noises when they use a mushroom kind of ruins the moment, i mean there doing something serious then you hea this cartoony noise? just doesn't fit.

Excellent Concept!

A serious short with sprites? Don't make me laugh. No, literally, don't make the people laugh, because this flash is seriously good!

One thing that I thought of as cool was the Hans Zimmer soundtrack, an excellent composer and selection of tunes for setting the mood in a melodramatic war epic. The script, while occasionally stale, shines through in its timing and cinematic sleekness. This tale is in a compact file size, clocking eight minutes of showtime with a good mixture of dialogue and action. And since it is fully 8-Bit retro, that adds to its charm.

Continue with your fourth part (the end of the series, I imagine?) and never be a stranger with other projects in flash at Newgrounds.

hrechkaness responds:

thanks. I'm glad u noticed the Hans Zimmer soudtrack other then the fact that i had it in the credits lol But yeah it was hard to find fitting music for this movie and sry for the stale script at parts im not the greatest writer and was sort of rushing the ending. Don't wory there will be many more flash projects from me at Newgrounds


I don't usually care much for sprite movies but your use of music was excellent and really helped it.


I loved it man. You've a very good artist and writer. keep it all up. Perfect music

i've seen one good sprite film...

this wasn't that one.