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Reviews for "Kingdom Wars 3"

yes it was pritty good....

i like it it was good but long and maby they sahould have add sound when they were talking.

A good sprite movie

This is one of the few sprite movies thats over average, but the only problem is the story. That story has been used to many times before, just that this one involved some new elements. The graphics only got a five, thats because it's a sprite movie. Sound got a good solid nine, the soundtrack from "The Rock" is one of the best there is. Style got a seven, very good use of sprites. And violence got a 4, it had some violent moments, but... it's a sprite movie :P


Dude, I like

Keep up the good work. this series is great. I love how you made it more serious than other mario works


It's been done before, it's been done way too much...

Just my opinion.

Oh my YES!!!!!!

I loved dramatic sprite flashes more than anything.