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Reviews for "Kingdom Wars 3"

Seinfeld rulZ!!!!!!

These pretzles are making me thirsty!
I am KIng of the County, and Lord of the Manor
You are soooooo good lookin

No-talent copycat.

Familiar? This is a copy of the Mario Bros. Flash series by Alexander Leon, except with minor story changes and worse Flash work.

Next time, try make something of your own up, okay?


Great work on this series so far. I'm glad you put a lot of work into this, it is really good. Loved the music and style. Keep up the good work!


You should put Yoshi in here.... or sumthin like that...
And sum1 important should die.... it makes a better story... lol... not that i am tryin to tell you what to do.

really nice spite flash

but matrix and lord of thr rings refrences much

hrechkaness responds:

true that but i bet uve never seen a person combine the two like i have plus its hard to make an 8-bit action fight interesting when ur so limited with what they can do even customizing them. thx for your review