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Reviews for "Kingdom Wars 3"

Blah, Blah, Blah.

Wow, Someone must have used spell check. Which would explain how long it took you to respond. Another thing, I never claimed to be intelligent, I just know I'm more intelligent than you are. If "you're" going to try insult one of my errors, please know spell check doesn't catch the difference between 'Your' and 'You're'. So, seems like you're the one making an ass of yourself, which is nothing new, I mean look at your flash work. Come on, this is coming from someone who responded with "Now you just got slit your wrists." Sure, I can review these over and over again, but you having the last word doesn't seem to mean much seeing as how you can't write a good comeback.

By the way, you say Dave’s' work is fucked up? Have you watched any of your Daily Lives pieces of shit? You call that humor? At least in Dave’s' work, he can spell the titles of his work correctly. "Kindom Wars" I also recall seeing "A litte piece by Mitch" P.O.S. is what it should be.

Have a fucked up day, looking forward to your error filled response.

hrechkaness responds:

Hahaha sorry if spelling something correctly comes easier for some people unlike a few dumbasses out there *cough cough* But I wonder grammar school much? As for daily lives its sick humor not twisted fucked up people going crazy so its already more respectable then your fucked up friends piece of shit there. But I can see your running out of ideas because the whole intelligent thing wasn't working out for you so you had to switch to my work which is understandable, which also is funny because why would I care what you think. You don't have a single movie on newgrounds. So not only can you not talk smack you also don't have any talent. The only thing you've acomplished here is being a kiss ass to a very disturbed person and made an ass of yourself. I suggest quitting while your ahead because like I said your never going to have the last word. I suggest thinking long and hard for you next "comeback" because this one was a little weak but nice try.

Have a lovely day sir. Looking forward to another nerdy lame response. Make sure your mommy helps you with this one don't want any grammar mess ups after all. Give my regards to your boner buddy friend known as dave

An Epic Kick-Ass adventure...in 8-BIT!

I don't know how the creator managed to pull this off but nice job. I've never seen somebody take a classic 8-bit NES game and create such an epic story. The first two were great but this third installment wce icing on the cake!
-A Bunch of Dialogue
-Pretty lengthy for a flash animation
-Pretty cool looking with all the action
I can't wait until the next installment. Good Job! 9/10

Best of the Three

Under the name DanteThePilgrim, I reviewed your other two movies, both of which earned 8's. ((It's been a while since I've been on Newgrounds, so I hope you remember me.)) The first movie suffered from the fact that you were a new flash artist, but it was a good story and had great music. The second movie improved upon the first but had dialogue and music issues.

This third entry is superior to both. The dialogue is improved, the graphics and effects are improved, and the music returns to its dramatic-melancholy roots found in the first movie.

Of course, this movie cannot be compared to the second. The second was an action movie, whereas this one is a dramatic one, built on relationships, with a final action sequence at the end. It works perfectly, especially with the accompanying music.

Great work. 8/10, and I look forward to the next installment.

hrechkaness responds:

sry to disapoint you on the lack of action for this one but its only because this final upcoming instalment is going to be the last one which is just about strickly action so you'll have that to look forward to. But as for the release date goes i have no idea when its coming out, lets put it this way haven't started it yet so it could be a while

Nice one dude :D

for starters fuck you Sludgebot! he spelld ONE word wrong!
how gives a fuck about that you small mindet hore!
Good work Hrechkaness. nice ending and it was good dialog in this one.

hrechkaness responds:

yeah that sludgebot is probably the same guy as before but w/e. Anways expect better for the 4th and final instalment of Kindom Wars. It will pretty much be straight action but not sure when it will be finished glad your enjoying the series so far


its spelled reunited dumbshit.

hrechkaness responds:

WOA shit you were able to pick up on a mistake I was too lazy to change wow your smart. You must have won all of your spelling contests back in grade 3 because wow thats a talent you got there

fuck off you piece of shit
tell me if any of that is spelt wrong faget?