Reviews for "Descend into Madness"

Madness 10 of 5 stars LOL <3 i always loved madness art but this is better

I thought I had already seen the best Madness Combat pictures. I will always be wrong with that! Happy Madness Day of any year. I also love the author's comments. This is why we don't need a literature portal. I just noticed that these guys look a lot like the Slender Man. They were always faceless, but lack the cross lines here.

You have captured these characters perfectly. Why was the page on the series ever deleted from Wikipedia? It's even great to see those guys in the background. I didn't notice those guys at first. It's always great to notice things you didn't notice at first in a picture. You've done us an honor.

May I have permission to use this art?


it's g8t, love it anyway : D