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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

One of the best final fantasy spoofs ever

This one was great..I loved every part of it...especiallywot happens to wakka hahaha that was pretty funny, i gotta say thatz some amazing art work..but what i loved best about this is the voice acting..its pretty good, unlike one final fantasy spoof i recently viewed..its pretty original too...there isnt much to complain about haha..'cept knowing that the next one will end it :(..keep em comin.. :-D..hopefully more instalments of ff mixed in balamb will be comin up soon.. and im hopin to see some more final fantasy characters :-D...


Very good storyline...Hooks anyone who watchews it and more or less the FF Fans get hooked the fastest. Just one thing though:
If Quistis is there teacher then she should know phoenix down has nothing to do with DEAD characters only KO. Phoenix Down: Raises Fallen member of party, Fallen/Knocked out, not death....Although Sepiroth's Sword is really pointy and painful @_@


Wow the second episode of the trilogy already! I thought I would have to wait at least a month! Good Job!


Now that was funny
Crazy Auron got to love the guy. He better get laid!

I love it

well that was fun, mixed in balamb rocks